Wall Ball Building Plans

The following plan provides direction for building a four wall ball building (two wall ball games on each side). This plan can be expanded to hold additional wall ball games by adding 38" to the length of the floor for each additional game. 


Step 1: Building the Frame 

For a portable structure use4x6 boards as skids. This allows the building to either be pulled or lifted with a forklift. The floors are framed with 2x6 treated materials attached on a 24” center. This floor is 64”x 84”. We suggest securing the skids to the floor framing using 8” Timberlock or similar screws.

 Wall Ball Building Plans Step 1 Image

Step 2: Adding the Floor

Add deck boards or treated 2x6's to the floor. You will need 3 - 4 boards on each side. 

 Wall Ball Building Plans Step 2 Image

Step 3: Add the Walls

These walls are 64" x 96". Set back the outside studs 11/2" to allow for the 2x6 header. Place trimmer studs under the 2x6 header for support.  

 Wall Ball Building Plans Step 3 Image

Step 4: Frame the "A" Frame Walls

The "A" frame is 93" long with a 10 degree cut on top and bottom. This size of building requires three however, larger buildings require more. 

 Wall Ball Building Plans Step 4 Image

Step 5: Complete the "A" Frame

Add horizontal 2x4 boards every 24" across the "A" frame and add siding for structural strength. 

 Wall Ball Building Plans Step 5 Image

Step 6: Complete Roof Finish 

Add siding all around the building. Add rafters with a 4/12 pitch. We suggest pitching the roof to shed the rain off on the opposite side from where the games are played. 

 Wall Ball Building Plans Step 6 Image

Step 7: Finishing Work 

Add the stringers to the rafters and attach the roof. Add the necessary trim and paint to complete the building. Secure the wall ball games to the "A" frame wall using finishing screws to avoid falling and injury. 

 Wall Ball Building Plans Step 7 Image

 If you have questions or concerns feel free to reach out.